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Eye Of Serenity - Tiger's Eye Bracelet

Sale priceRs. 1,150.00
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Eye Of Serenity - Tiger's Eye Bracelet -
Eye Of Serenity - Tiger's Eye Bracelet Sale priceRs. 1,150.00

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Surprised with the A class customer service

Am pleased to write the review with their exceptions support and helped with with their service and I can say these guys are not about just selling , they do value the feedback and customer satisfaction is their top priority, great job guys , 👏🏼

Good quality , not exactly value for money

I have been testing various sellers for different pyrite bracelets.

Pros at keeta: 1.excellent packaging and presentation
2. The evil eye charm and keeta is the only one providing this charm currently that looks good.

Cons: 1 . Only one just the price if it was kept in the bracket between 700 to 800 for sure the orders might double .

Currently in the market the original pyrite bracelets are available in the range of 450rs to 799 rs , all are of same quality mostly so I only see spending 1200 around and I got it for 1100 I guess so paying 300 to 400 for good cardboard box and a evil eye charm comes down to personal preference.

Thanks for your detailed feedback! We're glad you liked our presentation and the unique evil eye charm. ✨

We appreciate your thoughts on our pricing. It's important to know that our stones are A+ quality, which sets us apart. Unlike some sellers who offer lower quality or mislabeled products with fake certificates (Selling Colored hematite in the name of pyrite), we ensure authenticity and superior quality in every piece. This is why our prices might be a bit higher, but we believe in providing true value and trustworthiness.

Thank you for choosing us, and we hope to delight you again!

Pure and fashionable

The product quality is very nice. Design is also amazing

Good one

Give it a try.
Initially I had a misunderstanding about the product which was explained clearly by a person from the customer query team.
It’s a much better product than those in the market.

Gary Hatter H
Excellent quality and I like the evil eye...

Excellent quality and I like the evil eye charm. I'm particular about what I wear. So regardless of the designer I always have my friend (*who does bespoke jewelry only) re-string all my pieces for me. I'm pleased with this designer and will make future purchases! Respectfully, G

Jaydeep Bhattacharjee
Few beads have cracks

Few beads have cracks

We're sorry for any confusion. Those may actually be natural inclusions, common in quartz family stones like citrine. If you don't see any inclusions in citrine beads, they may be synthetic or lab-made. Please contact us so we can assist you further!

Best crystals bracelets

This is the second bracelet I have ordered and I love it.

Neelam Sam
Very happy

Thank yo so much for wonderful bracelet.

Vevek Vishnu Hajaarre
It's awesome

This is nice product but price is little high.

Arti Arora
Too good

Thanks keeta for this amazing bracelet

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