Ethically sourced Gemstone Jewelry is what we think everyone should have access to and are able to afford it. The lack of transparency exists because of the existence of middlemen but guess what! Almost all the gemstone that we use in our jewelry are cut and polished by ourselves at our workshop which gives us an opportunity to use only fine quality Gemstones for your jewelry and sell remaining that aren’t up to the mark as loose stones in the local market. Since we have been loose gemstone dealer and manufacturer for the last three generations, It gets easier for us to avoid markups while buying good quality stones and pass those savings directly to you.

New Arrivals

Lotus - Turquoise Ring

Lotus - Turquoise Ring

Rs. 3,486.13
Twiggy - Opal Ring

Twiggy - Opal Ring

Rs. 3,674.25
Nature Glow - Turquoise Necklace 16 Inches Necklaces

Nature Glow - Turquoise Necklace

Rs. 3,514.50
Tiny Leaf - Black Onyx Studs Earrings

Tiny Leaf - Black Onyx Studs

Rs. 2,236.50

Embrace handmade

Handmade jewelry surpasses mass-produced pieces any day! The intricate attention to detail and use of authentic materials make each creation one of a kind and truly unique. It's an incredible feeling knowing your jewelry is personal and made exclusively for you, not for the masses.

Elevate your style with our bespoke handmade treasures!

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