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Introduction -

Howlite, a gemstone of tranquility and awareness, enchants with its striking white color and subtle gray veins. Known as the "Stone of Calmness" and the "Stone of Awareness," Howlite has a history steeped in ancient traditions and modern spirituality. With origins in gypsum-rich deposits, this gemstone captivates with its serene energy and soothing presence. Embrace the tranquil essence of Howlite and embark on a journey of inner peace and mindfulness.

Origin -

Howlite originates from deposits primarily found in Canada, the United States, and parts of Europe. This gemstone forms in sedimentary rock beds, typically in association with gypsum and other minerals. Over millions of years, natural processes such as pressure and mineralization result in the formation of Howlite's distinct white color with gray or black veining. With a geological origin rooted in ancient seabeds and sedimentary environments, Howlite continues to be treasured for its calming energy and subtle beauty.

used for -


Insomnia Relief.


Patience and Anger Management.

Memory Enhancement.


Howlite Affirmation -

I am centered and serene, guided by the tranquil energy of Howlite. With each breath, I release tension and embrace inner peace, cultivating awareness and harmony in my life.

Associated Chakras -

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