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Elevate your style with the enchanting allure of Iolite. Born from the depths of the Earth, its mesmerizing blue hues bring a touch of mystique and inner vision to your look and surroundings. Choose genuine Iolite to experience its timeless charm and potential benefits, such as enhancing intuition and creativity.

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Calm Mind - Iolite Bracelets -
Calm Mind - Iolite Bracelets Sale priceFrom Rs. 1,200.00
Majestic - Iolite Bracelets -
Majestic - Iolite Bracelets Sale priceRs. 1,400.00
Pure Thoughts - Iolite Bracelets -
Pure Thoughts - Iolite Bracelets Sale priceFrom Rs. 1,300.00

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100% Natural Stones Ethically Sourced
14 Days Returns Check out return policy
Made In INDIA Handmade with LOve
Pure Silver 925 sterling silver