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Introduction -

Unakite Jasper, a harmonious blend of peachy-pink feldspar, mossy green epidote, and translucent quartz, emanates a soothing energy that fosters balance and emotional healing. Known as the "Stone of Vision" and the "Stone of Emotional Healing," Unakite Jasper combines the nurturing energies of earth and water to promote personal growth and spiritual transformation. With origins in metamorphic rock formations, this gemstone invites clarity, compassion, and resilience. Embrace the gentle energy of Unakite Jasper and embark on a journey of self-discovery and inner peace.

Origin -

Unakite Jasper forms through the geological process of metamorphism, where metamorphic rocks undergo changes in mineral composition under heat and pressure. It is typically found in regions where metamorphic rocks are abundant, such as mountainous areas. Unakite Jasper's distinctive blend of colors comes from the combination of pink feldspar, green epidote, and clear quartz. With origins rooted in geological transformations, Unakite Jasper captivates with its unique appearance and metaphysical properties.

used for -


Nurturing Relationships.


Grounding and Stability.


Spiritual Growth.


Promotes Healing.




Emotional Healing.

Unakite Japser Affirmation -

I am surrounded by the calming energy of Amethyst, finding peace within and clarity in my thoughts. I trust my intuition, protected from negativity, and embrace healing and balance with each breath.

Associated Chakras -

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