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Introduction -

Radiate warmth and positivity with our Citrine gemstone. Known as the 'Stone of Abundance', Citrine invites prosperity and joy into your life. Its sunny yellow hue symbolizes energy and success, making it the perfect companion for manifesting your dreams. Embrace the uplifting energy of Citrine and let its vibrant glow illuminate your path to abundance and fulfillment.

Origin -

Citrine is primarily found in countries such as Brazil, Madagascar, and Zambia. This captivating gemstone is a variety of quartz, formed in igneous and metamorphic rocks through a combination of heat and pressure over millions of years. With origins dating back to ancient civilizations, Citrine continues to be treasured for its sunny color and metaphysical properties, symbolizing energy and success.

used for -

Abundance and Prosperity.

Career Growth.

Creativity and Inspiration.

Chakra Balancing.

Confidence and Empowerment.

Optimism and Positivity.

Citrine Affirmation -

I am surrounded by the calming energy of Amethyst, finding peace within and clarity in my thoughts. I trust my intuition, protected from negativity, and embrace healing and balance with each breath.

Associated Chakras -

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