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Black Tourmaline

Introduction -

Discover the formidable allure of Black Tourmaline, a gemstone prized for its protective qualities and grounding energy. With its deep black hue, this crystal has been revered across cultures for centuries, offering strength and stability in the face of adversity. Embrace the power of Black Tourmaline for a journey of protection and empowerment.

Origin -

Black Tourmaline is primarily found in countries such as Brazil, Sri Lanka, and the United States. This captivating gemstone has a rich geological history, formed in igneous and metamorphic rocks over millions of years. Its origins date back to ancient civilizations, where it was revered for its protective properties and grounding energy. Today, Black Tourmaline continues to be mined and cherished worldwide for its metaphysical attributes and aesthetic appeal.

used for -

Protective shield.

Helps to release fear.



Clarity of Mind.


Black Onyx affirmation -

I am protected and grounded, surrounded by the shielding energy of Black Tourmaline. I am strong, stable, and resilient in the face of negativity, embracing calm and clarity in every moment.

Associated Chakras -

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