We are KEETA LUXURY, A creative company that believes in the power of stones and affordable luxury.

Keeta Luxury is a company that has been in the loose gemstone trading business locally for almost two decades. Our vast knowledge about real Crystals/Gemstones/Metal  and how they differ from fake ones comes from Our Big Family that includes Gem cutters or lapidarists well as the brokers in the field. And that has allowed us to create unique, authentic handmade jewelry that is loved by its wearers. Keeta Luxury (As in name) was formed in 2016 with a team of three artisans and have since grown to include seven skilled craftsmen who work tirelessly to create one-of-a-kind pieces for our customers around the world.


How we started -

Keeta Luxury is the result of a dream for two people. The company was founded by me, who had spent her life dreaming up creative ideas and designing beautiful craftsmanship; while my husband helped me with his experience in loose gemstone trading that led him to start Keeta Luxury. The company's namesake comes from My name "Ankita". One of my friends used to call me "Keeta," which means blessing So, I decided that this would be the perfect branding for my business.

Our Mission


We At Gemalion, Believe every person is like a precious gemstone, And we believe you deserves something real, not colored glasses or lab-made stone.

That is why Gemalion is on a mission to make gemstone jewelry affordable for everyone by bringing everything inhouse, So you can enjoy the positivity and charm of natural gems without breaking the bank!


For any queries or question contact us at the below information - 

Email - info@keetaluxury.com

Whats App - +91 74139 50505