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Men's Collection...

beauty, That is ethically sourced...

handmade with Aesthetic perfection

brilliant and aesthetic look for your wrist

From Hands to Hearts❣️

Confused about Choosing the Right Crystal?

Don't let crystal confusion hold you back. Our quick quiz, Trained by top crystal healers and astrologers, matches you with the perfect crystal for your energy. Find clarity and harmony with just a few clicks!

Experience Authenticity, Choose Uniqueness.

US vs Them



unlock your crystal

Explore common motivations for choosing a crystal.

Let Customers Speak For US.

7000+ Reviews who've rated us 4.79/5 stars.



If you like to wear natural crystal jewelry? Look no further. This store's collection is pure magic!

Nida Rehman


This store's bracelets are in a league of their own. The way they infuse meaningful symbols into their designs sets them apart from any other crystal bracelet I've owned.

Rahul Vedant


Awesome communication. Gorgeous necklace! I love it! If you’re considering this just get it!!!



My friend LOVED her ring, and it is quite sturdy make. It works quite well as a utility ring for opening letters and boxes (surprisingly). Beautiful design too! 👌


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100% Natural Stones Ethically Sourced
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Made In INDIA Handmade with LOve
Pure Silver 925 sterling silver