Jewelry care

 Taking care of your KEETA LUXURY jewelry is important because it's a medium for channeling feelings. Here are some tips to help you take better care and enjoy the experience more!


Your HANDMADE Jewellery is special, unique and brilliant just like you! To make sure it remains shiny and gleaming - all while maintaining its originality- I recommend storing your pieces in an airtight container or bag that can be stored safely away.



Handle your LUXURY with care by avoiding harsh substances and keeping it away from fragrances (Perfumes).




925 Sterling silver

Your sterling silver jewelry will always look its best if you take care of it. Store your pieces in an airtight bag with anti-tarnish strips, and avoid contact with water most tap water we encounter today isn't purified or treated enough to be safe for precious metals! For regular cleaning (or just to polish), use either a specifically designed cloth or microfiber towel instead.






 It is important to protect your gold vermeil jewelry from contact with chlorine, bleach and sweat (GYM OR OTHER RIGOROUS EXCERCISE). To clean the surface of these items thoroughly while maintaining their beauty: use a soft dry microfiber cloth; do not rub too roughly as this may scratch or RUB OFF THE GOLD LAYER in some way!





The best way to take good care of both is by being mindful when wearing or touching them. Always remember that they are as gentle and delicate like their wearer--so be kind with everything around these special pieces not only for jewelry's sake but also yours’ since skin needs extra attention too!!

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You deserve something as real as you are hence real gems, not colored glasses...